Heal – Treatments and Prices

After booking your treatment, you’ll receive text and email confirmation, and also reminders the day before your appointment for your peace of mind.

We kindly ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to allow for any necessary paperwork to be completed, and to make sure we get the full-allocated time for your treatment.

Please try to let us know as soon as possible if you’re unable to attend an appointment. This allows us to offer the appointment to someone else who may be in need of treatment. We’ll always be happy to try and re-arrange something at a time that is more convenient.

If you have private medical insurance please inform us when arranging your initial appointment. You are advised to contact your insurer and have your policy number and an authorisation number before arranging your appointment. A referral from your GP may be required prior to your company providing an authorisation code. We will liaise directly with your insurer to enable us to invoice them directly for payment.

We also provide treatments for patients on Healthcare Cash Plans such as Simply Health (previously the Leeds Hospital fund). With Cash Plans a referral from your GP is not required. The general procedure is for the client to pay for treatment directly, we then provide a statement for the client to claim back the treatment costs.

Please not that all prices listed are inclusive of VAT where applicable.

Medical Treatments;

All new patients are required to attend an Initial consultation on their first visit where necessary.

During your initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a short form providing personal details. Any relevant medical conditions and any previous injuries you may have experienced will also be discussed. The practitioner will take a detailed account of the problem, and speak with you to determine exactly what your needs are from the visit. This will be followed by a physical examination in order to make a clinical diagnosis. Then appropriate treatment options will be discussed and if necessary the therapist will carry out a treatment to help or relieve your symptoms.

Podiatry & Chiropody – Initial Appointment – £45 (45 minutes)

This initial appointment is required for all new patients and involves a consultation with the Podiatrist to diagnose any conditions/problems. Medical history and medications will be discussed and appropriate treatment options will then be suggested. This will then be followed by a full standard Chiropody session and finished with a foot massage using [Comfort Zone] foot
specialist neem cream.

Podiatry & Chiropody – Standard Appointment – £35 (30 minutes)

This appointment, includes removal of hard skin, corns and callouses. Nails are cut and shaped and the treatment is finished with foot massage with [Comfort Zone] foot specialist neem cream.

Biomechanical Assessment – £65 (1 hour)

A full musculoskeletol assessment and gait analysis. This involves complex evaluation of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs whilst standing, walking and non-weight bearing. This information forms the basis for a rehabilitation programme, or if the problem is mechanical, an orthotic prescription. Treatments can range from off the shelf insoles to bespoke orthotics, as well as exercises and advice on footwear.

(Price does not include insoles)

Nail Surgery – From £170 (60 – 90 minutes)

A sterile surgical procedure carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic. The treatment includes dressings for 1 week and 3 follow-up appointments for check up’s and re-dressings.

(Price determined by extent of surgery required)

Diabetic Foot Assessment – £65 (1 hour)

A full neurovascular diabetic foot assessment, plus advice on footwear and practical techniques on maintaining healthy feet. Also includes a full written report for your medical records, which can be forwarded to your doctor.

Dry Needling – £250 (1 hour)

Dry needling is a minor surgical procedure, which involves the use of a fine needle to puncture the verruca and dermo-epidermal junction multiple times under local anaesthesia. The treatment includes anaesthetic, dressings and padding which will help off load the local area and reduce discomfort.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage – £50 (1 hour)

A massage therapy using hands-on techniques to manipulate the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body that focus on reaching the deeper layers of muscles and tissue to release deep, painful muscle knots and restore muscle elasticity.

This treatment can be combined with acupuncture and/or cupping therapy.

Clinical Acupuncture – £50 (1 hour)

A treatment based on ancient principals which involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through the skin at strategic points along the body to help stimulate nerves and muscle tissue.

This treatment can be combined with massage and/or cupping therapy.

Cosmetic Acupuncture- £50 (per hour)

Encouraging facial muscles to completely relax, facial acupuncture promotes anti-ageing and healing through skin rejuvenation and by stimulating collagen production.

Cupping Therapy – £45 (1 hour)

Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine in which local suction using glass cups is created on the skin, lifting blood into the superficial tissues of the skin helping to promote healing.

This treatment can be combined with massage and/or acupuncture.

Facial Treatments;

Please note that some facials may use products containing an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. For your protection we apply an SPF and your therapist will be able to advise you further on after-care advice.

Deluxe Lift - 60 min £70

Ultimate anti ageing combining Archi-lift technology with double peel for instant re-plumping effect. Ideal for mature skin with signs of ageing.

Double Peel - 45 min £45

Ideal for targeting uneven skin tone fine lines and wrinkles. Safely and effectively removes the thickening layer of epidermis, revealing a radiant, even complexion.

Skin Regimen Longevity Facial - 45 min £45

Skin Regimen Express Longevity Facial - 30 min £40

This revolutionary facial treatment gives immediate and visible results beyond those of a traditional facial. The efficacy of super food and high-tech ingredients, maximised by specific Kabat massage techniques that offer unrivalled results with the benefit of an integrated approach to health with advice from experienced professionals to improve your overall well-being

Sublime Skin Eye Patch - 15 min £10 (Add to any facial treatment)

Immediate relief for the delicate eye area. An innovative Hydrogel Peptide Mask which reduces signs of fatigue, puffiness and dark circles, softening fine lines and giving a fresh revitalised appearance.


Your comfort expert facial treatment considers the skin condition, not just the skin types. Your therapist will recommend the most suitable experience delivering true SCIENCE for your skin with immediate results and a soulful ritual.

Recover Touch - 60 min £60

Powerful anti oxidant and vitamin enriched facial featuring goji berry to sooth and nourish offering perfect seasonal repair.

Hydramemory - 60 min £60

A deeply hydrating face, neck and décolletage treatment to replenish the skins moisture levels.

Massage & Body Treatments;

Some massage and body treatments may require you to remove some items of clothing. Please be assured every effort will be made to preserve your modesty and comfort at all times.

Himalayan Salt Massage Ritual - 60 min £70

An extraordinary ancient ritual for the body which begins with body massage using warm Himalayan salt stones, which immediately bestow relaxation, alleviating tension, stress and anxiety. The treatment then proceeds with an exhilarating salt scrub, a combination of the precious pink Himalayan salt with a nourishing aromatic oil to completely detoxify the body, ease aches and
pains, stimulate the metabolism and restore vitality and balance.

Tranquillity™ Pro - Sleep Massage - 60 min £70

A complete mind and body well-being experience, perfect to induce a deep state of relaxation combining the intense sleep inducing qualities of aromatherapy, music and unique massage techniques from Kerala Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay. The perfect jet-lag recovery experience.

Therapeutic Massage

Based on the traditional Swedish style, but is also a powerful combination of various other massage techniques to help bring maximum relief to the body.

Full Body Massage with Scalp £55 - 75 mins
Full Body Massage £45 - 60 mins
Back, Neck, Shoulder & Legs £35 - 45 mins
Back, Neck & Shoulder £25 - 30 mins

Nails & Toes;

When booking a pedicure treatment, it may be useful to bring open toe footwear to wear following your appointment.


File & Polish £15
Manicure £28
Luxury Manicure £38

Upgrade your experience;

Add gel polish to any treatment. £10
Add hot paraffin wax treatment. £15

Please notify when booking if you
are wearing gel nails and require a
soak off before your appointment.
(Free with re-application)

Gel Soak Off £10


File & Polish £15
Medical Pedicure The ultimate foot
treatment beginning with a medical
Chiropody treatment from
the Podiatrist and completed with
a touch of luxury from one of
our beauty therapists .

Upgrade your experience;

Add gel polish to any treatment. £10
Add hot paraffin wax treatment. £15

Eyes, Lashes & Brows;

Please note, all eye treatments will require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Lash Lift £46
Hollywood Lashes
 -Full Set £60
 -Infill starting from £35
Eyebrow Tint £10
Eyelash Tint £15
Eyebrow Tint & Shape £18
Eyebrow Shape & Tint + Eyelash Tint £33

Microblading - Semi Permanent Make Up

Microblading - 120 min £200

Includes your Initial microblading appointment, plus a 1
hr top up appointment usually required 4 - 6 weeks later.

Microblading Top Up - 60 min £100

A stand alone appointment for any additional top up’s
required after the initial 2 treatments.


Full Leg £30
Half Leg £19
Bikini Line £15
Full Leg & Bikini £40
Half Leg & Bikini £29
Underarm £14

Eyebrow £30
Lip £10
Chin £10
Lip & Chin £18
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow £28
Underarm £14